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Microsoft OneWeek 2017

Jun 29, 2017
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Four of us from the Microsoft Pix team participated in the event and over the three days, we

The projects

Most of the projects at the hackathon involved all the cool tech buzzwords. The terms internet of things, machine learning, data science, robotics and virtual/augmented/mixed reality can probably cover everything. The “Hack for good” series of projects focussed on social causes like human trafficing, disease, etc.

The infrastructure

The organizers had setup excellent infrastructure for the event. We had wired internet, sufficient seating and tables, massive well ventilated tents in football fields. They threw incredible amounts of food at us.

Our project

We wrote an Android app that does some fun and intelligent things. Over the period of three days, we found limitations of various libraries on mobile devices and hacks to overcome them. We finished the hack - barely making the minimum requirements for the final submission.

On the final day, we presented our project at an expo - among about 700 other projects.