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MakerFaire Pittsburgh

Oct 12, 2015
1 minute read

MakerFaire Pittsburgh was really big. With about 200 makers and a few thousand attendees, the event was a success. Makers and volunteers get free entry into the event. Organized at Nova Place in Pittsburgh, the venue was enormous. It even spilled over into some nearby buildings.

Being in the very first volunteering timeslot, we had the task of setting up the venue just right. Ensuring people are being ticketed at appropriate places, setting up the workshop and speaker areas and spreading word around the neighbourhood. It was fun. By the time my shift ended, the Makerfaire was alive!

The speaker lineup was impressive and the workshops were useful too. There was no way I could cover everything in the one day I planned on going to Makerfaire. Just talking to the makers had me exhausted by the end of the day.

10/10 would go again. 11/10 if I go as a maker.

Some noteworthy shoutouts

MakerFaire Pittsburgh Metallurgy: Just casting some metal coz it's sunny today.