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Possible calamities of 2012

Mar 23, 2012
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The Mayan calendar predicts that the world will end in 2012. Several other calendars also indicate the end of an era. Even movies have been made to cash in on these rumors. So it makes sense that I also write about this… Just that I won’t get paid millions of dollars for this post.

So here’s a list of possible calamities. That will “engulf” the world “as we know it”.

Planet X/Nibiru

A planet (that humans haven’t seen till date) will come and collide right into Earth. Oh, and this is the planet on which the “Gods” reside as well… the ones with space suits on the Mayan inscriptions. It makes sense. They’re feeling we’ll overtake their technology… so they’re coming to finish us (by hitting us with their planet). And they obviously know that “Take us to your leader” won’t work. We don’t have one.

Geomagnetic reversal

A massive solar flare will come, and disrupt all satellite communications. That, and it’ll also start the process of magnetic pole reversal. The magnetic north would now become the magnetic south. At least then the magnetic north and geographical north will coincide… reducing all the problem that school students have (seriously, I wish 2012 occurred some time in 2005).

How will the world end in 2012?

Someone at Berkeley said so

Here’s a weird one. Someone at the University of Berkeley said, “Umm… we haven’t had a big catastrophic natural event in… like… millions of years. So it should happen soon”. And so here we sit, patiently awaiting the “big catastrophic natural event”. And when it does, we’ll probably give a Nobel prize to the poor fellow who proved that we’re doomed.

The Gods are angry

And then the usual mythological things. The balance is getting disrupted. There is way too much violence. So Gods must interfere. The Bible says so. Or the Old Testament says so. Whatever reason. We have a lot of believers in this section. And I’m sure they aren’t blind believers. Obviously.

Black hole alignment

Nothing is ever complete without a black hole, is it? The sun and a black hole at the center of Milky Way (known as Sagittarius A*) will be in line with Earth. The effects are apparent. Humans (and animals) will start floating towards the Sun. And at night, they’d fall to the ground again. Clearly, this can affect the human species quite adversely. The energy crisis would be resolved though. Maybe.

Oh, just in case you’re wondering, all these theories have been scientifically proven.

Got any theories of your own? Do let me know!