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Seattle: The coronavirus capital

Mar 9, 2020
1 minute read

The New York Times recently called Seattle America’s Coronavirus Capital. Being a resident of downtown Seattle, I get to experience these changes first hand. This blog post is an attempt to gather news from various sources and compile it into an infographic that evolves over the next few weeks.

Number of cases in Seattle

Data gathered from King County’s health web site

Number of cases worldwide

These statistics were collected from WHO situation reports.

Work from home

Several companies have asked employees to work from home. This chart shows what percentage of the year they’re working from home.

S&P 500 closing price

About eighty percent of the US GDP comes from the service sector. With almost everyone staying at home, a lot of these services are no longer needed. This is likely the first time this has happened at such scale.

Stock market volatility index

The CBOE VIX captures the moves of trades happening on a given day. A high volatility implies larger moves in stock prices being traded.

Downtown traffic

Downtown Seattle is usually packed with cars on weekdays at 8 AM with everyone trying to get to Amazon HQ. This chart tries to capture traffic around that time every day.

Sample traffic at various levels