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Jul 15, 2008
2 minutes read

I recently stumbled upon this website… The films, or rather, documentaries, they’ve made are really good… thought provoking. They’re not about how to stop piracy or how it causes millions of dollars of losses every year. Rather its about how the new “distrubution model” (torrents, gnutella, etc) and why big productions houses are opposing it.

The reason why they’re opposing it is obvious… “I want money for the billion dollar movie I made”. But the documentary explores the reason further. They’ve compared the current scenario as being similar to the invention of printing presses. Watch it, then you’ll understand.

Now you create!

The thing thats really bothering the movie producers is that their “consumers” are now being producers themselves! Those rich producers are no longer the sole creators of intellectual property (movies, etc). P2P and computers enable you to create things, and share it with the whole world! Just go to deviantArt, YouTube or CastMP3… you’ll know what I mean.

Intellectual property is the oil of the 21st century.. it can be condensed to one word: War. Our minds have been “terrorized” that “this is intellectual property, and you can’t reproduce it”. And the current generation is, kind of, rebelling against this. And the results are things like CreativeCommons, Copyleft, Open source, etc.

People sharing their work, and sharing the work of others… this situation has never occured earlier in human evolution. It seems as if this is a new revolution (like those agricultural, industrial, technological, etc) in the human race. Its the becoming producers of former consumers.

So, lets go build a world we’re going to be proud of, not one thats profitable for a few. But first, watch the movies!