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AI Shack

Jun 12, 2012
2 minutes read

AI Shack is a tutorial/knowlege website. You learn how artificial intelligence works. Not just the theory - but the code as well.


Around 2008 I got interested in computer vision. I learned on my own - the only references I found were lecture slides of universities, documentation (for Matlab and OpenCV) and comments in existing code.

So I put up a few tutorials/articles on basics on my personal blog. These articles grew really popular. If one of them went down for some reason, Iโ€™d get messages from people requesting I put them up again. I figured there was a reasonably sized group of people who wanted to know more about computer vision too.

So I setup AI Shack in the summer of 2010. Over the years Iโ€™ve put up more than 100 tutorials and guides for people. Topics range from basics of computer vision to using neural networks to get stuff done.

Looking back, I think itโ€™s a kind of pay back to the online community. I grew up learning from sites like NeHe, Flipcode and Planet Source Code. Iโ€™m sure a lot of it will make much more sense now (those transformation matrices are TOUGH on a 13 year old mind!). I should go through them again!

PS: The โ€˜shackโ€™ does not come from Radioshack. It was derived from something common in Goa, India.


AI Shack used wordpress as a platform originally. I built a custom theme (which looks awesome :P) I usually work with OpenCV and C/C++. Currently, it uses a custom Django CMS because the content seemed to outgrow wordpress. The custom CMS implements several custom markdown tags to help with writing tutorials (figures, Latex, info boxes, etc).

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