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OpenCV Blueprints

Aug 15, 2015
2 minutes read

OpenCV Blueprints that walks the reader through multiple projects and teaches them how to think about computer vision projects. The book does expects that you know how OpenCV works and how some basic algorithms and techniques can be utilized. It builds on top of these to show how real-life applications utilize these algorithms.

We expose the reader to a diverse set of tools and cover topics ranging multiple fields:

  • Selecting and configuring camera systems to see invisible light, fast motion, and distant objects
  • Building a β€œcamera trap”, used by nature photographers, and process photos to create beautiful effects
  • Develop a facial expression recognition system with various feature extraction techniques and machine learning methods
  • Build a panorama Android application using the OpenCV stitching module in C++ with NDK support
  • Optimize your object detection model, make it rotation invariant, and apply scene-specific constraints to make it faster and more robust
  • Create a person identification and registration system based on biometric properties of that person, such as their fingerprint, iris, and face
  • Fuse data from videos and gyroscopes to stabilize videos shot from your mobile phone and create hyperlapse style videos

OpenCV Blueprints

Going through the book, you will have a better understanding of imaging, motion, machine learning, and the architecture of computer vision libraries and applications. I’m extremely proud of what the book covers and would highly recommend you check it out!

My co-authors for the book were:

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