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RoboCV Workshop

Jan 7, 2010
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Over the years, I’ve taken help from my seniors on campus. They were the ones who got my started in image processing. And now that we’re in the same position as them, it was time to give back. And thus came up the idea of doing a workshop on campus. Telling our juniors whatever we know about image processing and related areas, so that they can continue where we are today.

The workshop

The workshop consisted of 7 days of lectures. Each around 3 hours in duration. Each lecture had some time dedicated to the theory and learning aspect, and some time for hands-on experience. Because we wanted teach about image processing based robots, we provided a kit consisting of essential wireless circuitry, motors, wires, connectors, batteries, etc required to make a simple computer controlled robot. It seems many people will be using this kit for several years to come

Now a bit about the lectures. They were really in depth. From the feedback we’ve got, it seems we had enough content to have an elective in campus. But well, we’re students and can’t really float an elective!

The lectures were supported by lecture slides. More than 500 slides. Covering the basics of image processing concepts and how to implement them in Matlab and OpenCV. You can download the lecture slides from the link below.

The response

And a week after the workshop, we had a competition. We setup an arena for an image processing based event. And people were actually able to get their robots to work!

The best part was that this event was held two weeks before our annual innovation festival (Quark 2010). And this little event really helped participants test their code on a live arena and prepare for the final actual competition!

The lecture slides

The entire set of lecture slides has been uploaded for free use by everyone. You can download it, use it redistribute it, and do whatever you want. Just don’t modify it. Especially the credits part :)

A whopping 520 slides - available here. A 7 day workshop probably deserves so many slides!


  • Slide 001 - Introduction
  • Slide 004 - What is a robot?
  • Slide 009 - Locomotion systems
  • Slide 046 - What is image processing?
  • Slide 049 - Applications of image processing
  • Slide 052 - Components of an image processing system
  • Slide 058 - Digital image represenation
  • Slide 067 - Getting started with Matlab
  • Slide 084 - Types of images
  • Slide 095 - Introduction to color spaces
  • Slide 119 - Robocup video
  • Slide 120 - Getting started with OpenCV
  • Slide 123 - Getting OpenCV working
  • Slide 150 - end of day 1
  • Slide 151 - Color spaces in OpenCV
  • Slide 156 - The IP Bot Circuit
  • Slide 192 - Interfacing with the PC
  • Slide 200 - Image aquisition theory
  • Slide 207 - Image preprocessing
  • Slide 226 - Preprocessing in Matlab
  • Slide 237 - Preprocessing in OpenCV
  • Slide 282 - End of day 2
  • Slide 283 - Morphological image processing
  • Slide 301 - Morphology in Matlab
  • Slide 309 - Morphology in OpenCV
  • Slide 312 - Thresholding
  • Slide 317 - Matlab M Files
  • Slide 338 - HSV Thresholding

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