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2014: Year in review

Dec 31, 2014
2 minutes read

Another year whizzed past. Now is a good time to review what went good - and what did not. I met some awesome technologists over the year and learned a lot.

It’s been an interesting year for me in Python. I worked on scaling a Python webservice by at least two or three orders of magnitude. It’s been fun - learning about some python internals and hitting its limits. It has been an year of Twisted, Tornado, PyQt. I also gave a talk at PyCon India 2014.

I got introduced to two new programming languages - Go and Rust. I’ve only had initial contact with them till now - hopefully I’ll be able to prototype something in these languages soon. Go is of course a brilliant language for web services. Go integrating more deeply with Android seems interesting - let’s see how that rolls out. I’m super excited about Rust. It’s been a long development period for them - but it seems to have been worth it. Computer vision in Rust - I wonder how that will work.

On the frontend, AngularJS has been the bread and butter. I picked up the framework early in the year - and lo and behold I might have to drop it soon. It’s been fun implementing UIs with Angular (and a Python backend). Also got introduced to coffeescript - however the lack of types has been bothering me.

Let’s do this - 2015!