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Gophercon India

Feb 24, 2015
1 minute read

The conference was on 20th and 21th of February near Domlur here in Bangalore. It was a single track event and packed more than 10 talks a day. I attend (like many) to get my feet wet in the language.

The conference

The day started at 8am and went on till 6-7pm. The speakers varied in experience and their topics even more. Some of the speakers were established developers in Golang - and some from the Golang core team itself. I bumped into a few bitsians at the event as well.


It was good! Having been to a few “first” events in Bangalore in the past, this was much better organized. This was probably the people behind it. The talks were pretty good covering a wide range of ideas - most of which can be applied to languages other Go as well.

Next time it happens, go!

Gophercon India