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Rustlang 1.0 Bangalore

May 25, 2015
1 minute read

I’ve been following Rust over the past year or so and they’ve come a long way - version 1.0 was released earlier this week. To celebrate and spread word, a bunch of enthusiasts got together over the weekend.

The meetup started off by everyone introducing themselves and their background. No one was using Rust in production just yet - but things are in the works. Academic projects using Rust was already there.

Then we dived deep into the syntax and new ideas that Rust brings with it. Comparisons to Golang were raised - but we all know they’re not even in the same league! Similarities to other languages like O’Caml, C/C++, Java were brought up too. We also saw a live update of Servo - the layout engine written in Rust.

Overall, pretty good fun - it’s nice to know there’s a small community of Rust users who I can reach out to!